Useful code snippets

How to convert a java date type to an XML date used in JAXB bindings 

The variable result is a java type generated by an XSD (XML-schema) containing a dateTime. Below snippet is an example how to set the attribute.

      GregorianCalendar cal = new GregorianCalendar();
      XMLGregorianCalendar date2;
      if (product.getCreated()!=null) {
              cal.setTime(new java.sql.Date(product.getCreated().getTime()));
              date2 = javax.xml.datatype.DatatypeFactory.newInstance().newXMLGregorianCalendar(cal);

How to create an instance of an arbitrary class name

Class pluginClass = Class.forName(MyClass.getClassname());
Constructor constructor = pluginClass.getConstructor(TypeOfParam1.class, TypeOfParam2.class);
MyClass plugin = (MyClass)constructor.newInstance(new Object[]{param1, param2});

Convert upsize_ts to java.sql.Timestamp

upsizeTs = rs.getBytes("upsize_ts");
// Convert in = new;
try {
   long ts = in.readLong();
   lastChanged = new java.sql.Timestamp((ts+322477200)*1000);
} catch (IOException e) {

How to open a file with windows application associated with the file type from Java


     * Opens a file using the windows application associated with the file type
     * @param fileName
     * @throws IOException
    private void openFileWithSystemProgram(String fileName) throws IOException {
    	ProcessBuilder pb = new ProcessBuilder();
    	List cmds = new ArrayList();
    	cmds.add(fileName);		// Must be absolute path unless you're sure of the working dir.

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